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June 2019


Proud Sponsor of the Beach Handball Team "Minga Turtles"


Taylor-Made-Solutions is proud Sponsor of the Beach handball Team from Germany the "Minga Turtles"


The Minga Turtles will play the GBO-Tour (German-Beach-Open) to qualify for the german national Championships in Berlin in the beginning of August.


They finished their first turnament this year at Karacho-Beach Cup in Kelkheim Germany on second place only defeated by a dutch elite team.

Next turnament will be at the Flügelrad Nurnberg to go for the bavarian championships before they play in Ismaning at Isibeach the last qualifying turnament for Berlin.


The team consists of several current and former national team members to improve their play while there is no involvement in the national team.


Currently some members of the Minga Turtles are requested to play for Germany in the European Champinships in the beginning of July in Stare Jablonki - Poland!



Taylor-Made-Solutions has created new shirts for the team and a new marketing strategy together with other sponsors of the Minga Turtles.






Business Analyze (General Cloud based analytic tools for business development) - www.businessanalyze.com

consultens Technologies (Engineering Partner to the automotive Industry) - www.consultens.com

BallCo (índividual teamsport equipment) - www.ballco.eu

EVENSTORM (Classic Hard Rock Music) - www.evenstorm.com






June 2018


consultens Group: NEW CI and website launched 10.06.2018!
The consultens Group, consisting of cPS - consultens Professional Services (Munich) and cT - consultens Technologies (Ingolstadt & Magdeburg) changed recently their CI (Corporate Identity) and their appearance on the web with the support of Taylor-Made-Solutions. These are the first steps of a new strategy to attract more followers and possible customers to the groups services. Please see www.consultens.com for further information.





Taylor-Made-Solutions invents new product line


Taylor-Made-Solutions now offers special tubes for electrical insulation, high-frequency shielding, plug- and wire protection to its international network.

These tubes are widely used in the automotive sector but also in all other industries.


The product range will be presented first at the Köschinger Autotag on 24. September 2017


if you need any further information please contact us at







Taylor-Made-Solutions celebrates its 5-Year-Anniversary



We are happy to announce that we celebrate our 5-Year-Anniversary in 2016.
It is unbelivable how fast these 5 years have passed by.
During this period we could support quite a few companies throughout the world with information resourcing, parts service, marketing/sales, and consulting services in the graphics industry, automotive industry and for suppliers of various industries.
We promise to do our utmost to keep our level and quality in the upcoming years.
Thank you all very much for your cooperation


Stefan Kreitczick 


 November 2014: 

Taylor-Made-Solutions could help Little Paper Soul (Sydney/Australia) with spareparts for their Chandler & Price press from 1924. The press is now up and running.


Here is the original comment:


Hello Stefan,
Thanks again for all your help! I attached the treadle the other day and took a couple of picture for you. Runs like a dream now :o)

Little Paper Soul






June 2014:





Pictured: Stephan Peters (left) with Thomas Lengowski


 August 2013:

Pegras donated Heidelberger sign to the Penrith Museum


Pegras donated the "Original Heidelberg" sign to the Penrith Museum of Printing in Australia.

This safety bar sign was missing on their Heidelberg Platen machine.







July 2013:

consultens Group: New Website is now Online

We are happy to announce that since today the new Website of the consultens Group is online and shows for the first time the whole Portfolio of the consultens Group.

Please feel free to visit our new Website at www.consultens.com  



June 2013:

Pegras installs new Website:


After a complete redesign of the PEGRAS-Website, we are happy to inform you that this new Website is online now.

Please feel free to check the new www.pegras.com

May 2013:


We are happy to announce that with Pegras International we became master distributor for Herion-Schmiersysteme in the Pacific Rim from May 2013. For details see website of Herion: www.dls-schmiersysteme.de or Pegras www.pegras.com



Nov 2012:

We are happy to announce that since November 2012 we became official

"Contact Business partner" in Europe for  - the Network for industrial and business Services